The Launch of Mr. Puzzle Head's Jigsaw Puzzle Web Store.


Exciting New Web Site for Jigsaw Puzzles is Released! is a funny name for a site, but it's a fitting one. When puzzles are your life, and puzzles are always on your brain—the name Mr. Puzzlehead fits. 

South Amboy, N.J. Mr Puzzle Head launches it’s new website, dedicated to providing the largest variety of quality jigsaw puzzles and puzzle accessories anywhere in the world. The new site launched just over a month ago and features puzzles from such well-known manufacturers and artist as, Sunsout, Annie Lee, Keith Mallett, Sylvia Walker, Greg Olsen, Alexander Chen. The site is now offering over 1,000 different puzzles and has goals of doubling that number within the next year. also offers the exciting new Pieceless Puzzles by Ceaco The Pieceless Puzzle is actually one continuous strand of interconnecting branches, so there's no risk of losing any pieces. It also features a puzzle on both sides.

The site’s creator, Rene Guerrier, who is also the creator of, says “I started ‘ out of my passion for assembling puzzles. MrPuzzleHead is a funny name for a site, but it’s a fitting one. When puzzles are your life, and puzzles are always on your brain—the name Mr. Puzzlehead fits. There is something here for everyone --from little Amanda to Grandma Gloria. Our goal is to make everyone happy.”

It’s never too early to introduce your young children to the skill-building fun of puzzles. It’s a pastime that will help you bond with your children, all while teaching them valuable skills. Puzzles help children learn to solve problems. By trying several ways to fit a puzzle piece in place, they are learning the value of flexible thinking, and of persistence. They also help build their fine motor skills by manipulating the pieces and fitting them in their proper space. As they get older and are ready for smaller pieces they will sharpen their skills by learning to look for more details in exploring where the pieces go. They begin to develop strategies for accomplishing tasks, which is a crucial part of effective learning. My wife is an elementary school teacher and she uses puzzles in her classroom everyday.
As we get older, we look for ways to help us relax after a long days work. There is no better past time that is more relaxing than assembling a puzzle. It helps to keep your mind sharp and will also taking the stress out of your day. Many retirement homes keep lots of puzzles around to help seniors keep their minds active. Keeping your mind sharp by putting puzzles together may even help fighting Alzheimer's.

So no age is too young and no age is too old to put your heads together and do a puzzle. Mr. Puzzlehead is sure to help you pick out a great one.

Right now, in celebration of the sites launch Mr.Puzzlehead is offering free shipping on all orders over $70.00. Customers that visit the site can select puzzles based on subject matter, the number of pieces and by manufacturer. features such innovations as layaway, a featured not offered by most websites. This allows customers to order products and make monthly payments. They also have gift certificates that make sharing your passion for puzzles easy. What every type of puzzle you’re looking for, is sure to help you pick out a great one.

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