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Lori Schory

by Rene Guerrier on Aug 07, 2020

Lori Schory

Artist Lori Schory was born in Chicago, Illinois, to talented, artistic parents, alumni of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Her father, an industrial designer, was engaged in the aesthetic design of manufactured goods, while her mother was an illustrator and portrait artist. As a result, from an early age, Lori was introduced to the broad spectrum of possibilities the art world has to offer. As her artistic interests and talents matured, she experimented with a wide variety of art techniques, mediums and styles.

By the time Lori was in high school, it was clear that she would pursue an art-related career. Upon graduation, she entered Northern Illinois University, from which she received a Master’s Degree in Drawing and Painting, with honors, in 1981. Since then, Lori's entire career has been focused on her art.

Lori continually builds upon her early exposure to the arts, her college education, and her many years of diverse professional experience in tackling every artistic assignment she encounters. Along the way, she has excelled in such unique and rewarding pursuits as: Head Scenic Artist on the movie set for "A Thousand Acres," a Touchstone Pictures film; participation in a juried Collaborative Art Initiative at the New York Feminist Art Institute, NYC; and sole proprietorship of Lori’s Signs & Graphics for over twenty years. Lori has mastered the age-old crafts of hand-painting signs, lettering on glass, and pictorial/mural painting, and she is highly adept at creating graphic designs on the computer.

While remaining actively involved in a wide range of artistic enterprises, Lori has been focusing more and more on licensing her fine art for use on various manufactured goods, such as jigsaw puzzles, note cards, music boxes, photo albums, decorative switch plates, and many other items.